R5 – our Devon Bull

Note from Jeff Moore, the seller:

R5 is one of the best I have ever produced and did great for me here. He is from an embryo that was pulled in NZ by Ken McDowell and sent to me here in the states. I implanted those embryos and got 4 bulls and 6 heifers from those embryos, which was the foundation to my pure Devon herd. He is one of the offspring. I used him extensively on my commercial herd and he did very well. I will include a picture of him when he left here and a couple of shots of his offspring heifers that are now cows that are in my commercial herd and great producers.

The cow with the horns is a great cow and raises a great calf. I didn’t dehorn her and I hate to now because it would set her back and she is so gentle I don’t worry about it.

Note: both the red cow #7 and the white faced #8 next to her are out of Stew’s R5 bull

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