London Food and Wine Show

John Field and Stew Simpson rest after running out of Devon meat balls at the London Food and Wine Show.  John is the Old River Farm’s Devon promoter and was the hit of the food show after doing an interview with Pam Killeen on News/Talk 1290 CJBK radio a couple of days prior.  Not many farmers bother with the food show but the interest in grass fed beef was evident by the many visitors to the Devon booth.  Pam Killeen also helped out at the booth, answering questions about the health implications of grass fed beef.

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3 thoughts on “London Food and Wine Show

  1. This is John. I have surfaced after a very rewarding Wine and Food Show.
    WELCOME to all our new friends who are interested in a sustainable and Eco-friendly source of gourmet grass fed beef beyond belief.
    We have many ideas as a result of the many comments and questions at the show. Please keep in touch with us as we develope a community of like minded folks interested in the north Devon breed.
    Eat some, buy some and become a Devon devotee!


  2. Hi Julie
    We have regrets that a number of fine folk like yourself did not get an actual taste. 😦
    We will never run out of balls again. Thank goodness that the pickles saved the day. 🙂
    This blog is the best way to keep track of us.
    Devon beef. Try some, buy some, become a Devon devotee.


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