Report #1 from Brian Harper

Stew’s herd of North Devon are settling in very nicely to their new home near Brandon, Manitoba.  Now that they are familiar with everything, they are more relaxed in their new holdings. I  keep them isolated from the main herd so they can continue to adjust.  Come calving time and summer pasture, they will enter the main stream.
Because I leave the calves nursing my cows for 10 months, I did see the need to put the young heifers with calves nursing on a light portion of grain to help them ease into my management.  The cows are doing great! Heifers bred as yearlings do not have the ability to produce a second fetus, continue to grow while nursing a calf and maintain body condition without some added energy.
Typically our heifers are bred as 2 year olds and they have completed growth and filling fat cells before going into production mode. They do not require more than high quality forage to function productively.
Here is a video that the Commission for Environmental Cooperation did about us which got me invited to the Tri-National Grasslands Conference in Wichita Kansas last May 2015.
Circle H Farms, Brandon, Manitoba

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