Report #2 from Brian Harper

Circle H Farms, Brandon, Manitoba: Stew’s purebred Devon are a perfect fit to our place for both environment and production. They are hardy, efficient and docile, with a high meat-to-bone ratio, exactly what we were looking for as we market some beef directly. I don’t believe I have ever had a bull on my operation with the meat and the balance of this Devon bull. These cattle are the true grass-based genetics that we strive to produce after becoming a forage-only program in 2005.
I consider us very fortunate, kind of like a dream come true, to have found them! As times change and producers look to stay profitable in the future, I feel more will be looking to change to grass genetics. Now we have them in southern Manitoba, which is central to meet demand in both the eastern and western provinces along with some northern states of the US.

I am honored to carry on in Stewart’s footsteps supplying the Devons to Canada and I’m grateful to Stewart for considering us when it came time to part with his herd. He will be greatly missed in the Devon world!

Brian & Sonja Harper
Brandon, Manitoba

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